Judo & Jujitsu


Sogo Bujutsu – Shudo-kan

Shudo-kan Jujitsu is the traditional gentle art of self-defence. It incorporates the principles of balance, leverage and momentum to gain control of the opponent. Shudo-kan Jujitsu implements a curriculum comprising grappling, throwing, striking, pressure points and joint locks. Shudo-kan Jujitsu will allow you to have absolute control over your attacker(s) in a wide variety of situations.

All techniques are taught for self-defence situations and are practiced with one or more partners. As you progress in Shudo-kan Jujitsu, you learn the subtleties of the art and discover why techniques work the way they do. Not only will you acquire great practical expertise but you will also develop a thorough theoritical background in the art.

Class Schedule

Mon. & Wed. 6pm to 7.30pm

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