Self Defence

Safety, protection and peace of mind

Self DifenceWe live in a society that has become increasingly dangerous. Every day, the media brings us stories of mugging, robbing, bashing, stabbing, kidnapping, raping and murder – grim reminders of the danger we as individuals face when we least expect it.
Innocent, weak and vulnerable people are victimised by vicious attackers who care nothing about the pain and suffering of others.

Considering this trend, it is a great idea to learn karate and self-defence for safety, protection and peace of mind. We have laws and the police to protect us from violence, danger and crimes, but we can not rely on them alone or expect them to provide us with their round the clock protection, 24 hours a day of every day. Therefore, we must be able to defend ourselves and our loved ones from attacks, or else we might risk ourselves becoming another statistic. Do not live in fear of being attacked. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and power of self defence.


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