Denise 5th Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Since joining in 1991, I have had a passion for health & fitness. I have progressed to 5th degree black belt whilst continuing my work profession as a medical doctor. I have won National All Styles Championships several times, and am still competing in tournaments.

Jason 3rd Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Community based therapy support in disability

I have been practising/teaching karate since 1993.  Karate keeps me healthy and flexible with a strong focus on my intentions in life.  I have competed and won several karate championships within Australia.

Vikram 2nd Degree Blackbelt

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Occupation: Barrister

I have been practising karate since 2001. I believe in healthy mind in healthy body, so karate keeps me mentally and physically alert due to the serious nature of combat. I enjoy teaching, helping, sharing the knowledge skill and experience gained from my years of practicing karate with new students in the class.

Peter 2nd Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Retired Solicitor

I have been practising karate/martial arts for a few decades, as I find it is an excellent form of exercise. It gives me a great release of stress and keeps me mentally and physically fit, as well as very rewarding.

Richard 2nd Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Technical Services Manager

Karate has helped me change the direction of my life for the better. Up until age of 30, I suffered from severe chronic asthma, migraines, excess weight, and at times lacked self-confidence and belief, all of which have been overcome them since taking up karate. I love to share my experience, skill and knowledge gained from karate with students, to help them learn and grow.

Asem 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: University Student

I started learning and practising karate at the age of 11. I have progressed through to black belt. Training in martial arts taught me discipline and keep me fit. It has been a great journey.

Nishita 1st Degree Blackbelt

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As a young 14 year old girl, I loved karate for the discipline and mental/physical training. 11 years later, I now appreciate the art event more as it enables me to continually improve my focus, reflexes and resilience

Connor 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: High School Student

I used to be shy, quiet and reserved and starting karate at the age of 9 has helped me overcome this. Since doing karate I have not only learned self-defence, but also become more aware and confident as a person. Karate has helped me learn discipline, perseverance, humility and respect and has aided in developing who I am today. While training in karate I have also competed in and won a number of karate tournaments in my age divisions in both state and national titles.

Sammuel 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Graduate working at a Law Firm

I have been practising karate since 2006. I love karate because it has allowed me to develop mental and physical strength and discipline. My favourite part of karate training is sparring.

Ralph 2nd Degree Blackbelt

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Occupation: Jeweller

I have been practising karate since 1977. Karate has taught me discipline and self-control and also, kept me fit, healthy and strong. It is an excellent mental and physical exercise for me and is a way of my life. I love teaching, helping and sharing my knowledge, skill and experience with new students.

Luke 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: High School Student

I started doing karate when I was 8 and I’ve continued for the past 10 years. I’m currently a student in Year 12. Karate is a fantastic sport to take part in, and offers a great experience when it comes to both physical and mental exercise, creating discipline, and meeting new people.

Brad 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Stuntman

I’m an ex gymnast that has trained in Taikudo Karate for five years at the Japanese Academy of Martial Arts, in this time I have achieved black belt status and have represented the dojo in an outside tournament winning first place, outside the dojo I have been training for three years to become a stunt double

Nicole 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientist with karate as my passion. Trained all my adult life and love the mental & physical challenges. Won Australian National Karate championships in fighting in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. I enjoy teaching students and helping them achieve their own karate goals.

Khemika 1st Degree Blackbelt

Occupation: University Student

I started learning karate at the age of 9, it’s now been over 10 years. Most people would think that karate is all about protecting and defending yourself, however for me karate has taught me challenge myself and push myself to the limit. In 2010 I was fortunate enough to have Won the 14-15yrs Adv/Black (AMAC) Australian martial arts championship Australian Title.